Made by Hand in Canada

I am a Canadian ceramic artist and love buttons! Each button is handmade in my studio from Porcelain and black ceramic.

I think of these buttons as miniature pieces of art.  Sometimes a project needs something special and a factory made plastic button won't do!  I strive to make buttons that will add a unique and special finishing touch to your project.   


                    REVIEWS (from companion Etsy shop - madformudbuttons)

June 8 2020(5 star) "I love these buttons, the size is perfect for the bag I made. I will order more!! Shirley and Duke Williams

May 21, 2020(5 star) "Love them and want more!!!" Hilda Von Bingan

May 18, 2020(5 star) "Its a great size for the bag I am making. It isn't too heavy so it works well. Beautifully done.: Shirley and Duke Williams

April 7, 2020(5 star) "Very unique and creepy-cool buttons! Maker/seller is great and it was an easy transaction. Thanks!" Maureen Thomas

March 13, 2020(5 star) "This is a beautiful pottery button. It is exactly as pictured - colours are lovely. I can't wait to sew it on the jacket I am knitting. thank you! (5 star) "Gorgeous button. I love it. Just as pictured. Thanks Ill be back :)" Kathy heart song

March 9, 2020(5 star) "Purchased two different styles of buttons to incorporate into my jewelry. I love them. The pics are a great representation-I love the patterns and shapes IRL. They have a great matte finish that fits my style and I love the porcelain feel of them too. I am thinking about trying them with leather and some chunky olive wood beads I picked up in Crete. Thanks!! Sella Rush

                           FACTS ABOUT CERAMIC BUTTONS

Cared for properly, a ceramic button should give you many years of use.  All the buttons have been fired in a kiln to stoneware hardness and can handle normal use on clothing  However, they are not plastic buttons and breakage, although unlikely, could happen if they are hit very sharply against a hard object.   

One concern of knitters is whether the buttons are heavy and prone to sagging.  I am a knitter myself and I make a range of button thicknesses for different purposes. Most of my buttons are quite light in weight (similar or slightly heavier than their plastic counterparts) and will work well on knitted garments.  Of course larger buttons will be heavier than smaller buttons.  

If a button includes the word 'purse making' in its description, this signifies a fairly robust and heavier button that knitters might find too heavy for a typical knitted garment but would work well for a bag or purse, or coat. 

If you are unsure if the button will work for your particular project, send me a message with your questions and I will do my best to answer them.

All the buttons are washable and are not affected by water or laundry detergent.  They can be machine washed - a gentle cycle is best.  Of course hand washing is always best, particularly for the larger lightweight buttons (over 1 inch/2 cm).  Air drying is recommended to avoid the button being struck against the metal interior of a dryer drum. 

ARE THE COLOURS AS BRIGHT AS THE PICTURES?All of the photos were taken without filters.  Most of the photos are in direct sunlight and sometimes there are pictures in both sunlight and shadows to show how they look in different light.

Thank you for stopping by and please don't hesitate to contact me with any other questions you might have.  Happy crafting!


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